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Chapter 1344 – Gao Dawei righteous stocking
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Zhou Wen wasn’t worried that Ya’er would shed. He was only curious about what Sweetie was as much as.
“Ya’er, do you find yourself okay?” Even though Zhou Wen didn’t eat it, he was aware that one thing was drastically wrong with the dark chocolate as he smelled it. He couldn’t help but gaze at Gao Dawei, wanting to strike at any occasion.
“I call the first chocolate Snowy Hill. You need to test it.” Gao Dawei personally trim two parts of the snowfall-coated spherical dark chocolate and positioned them over a modest plate well before handing those to Ya’er and Sweetie.
“It’s not that uncomplicated. I realize the chocolates I manufactured. Even I wouldn’t be able to determine if I hadn’t ingested them upfront,” Gao Dawei said. “Don’t stress, just actually eat it. I do not assume either of it will be easy to obtain it fine.”
Gao Dawei was very pleased along with the three people’s outcome. He said proudly, “For definite fairness, it is important to style the same sort of sweets as well. Then, publish your answer on an item of paper and present it if you ask me. I’ll function as determine.”
“I simply call the initial dark chocolate Snowy Mountain / hill. Be sure to test it.” Gao Dawei personally minimize two parts of the snowfall-protected spherical chocolate and positioned them at a smaller dish well before passing those to Ya’er and Sweetie.
It was subsequently challenging to imagine that this kind of incredible chocolates is made from a rotund guy like Gao Dawei.
“I get in touch with the first delicious chocolate Snowy Mountain peak. Remember to give it a try.” Gao Dawei personally cut two parts of the snow-taken care of spherical chocolate bars and placed them on a compact dish before handing these people to Ya’er and Sweetie.
Only then did Zhou Wen bear in mind the familiarized personal taste was black color truffle. When, Ouyang Lan experienced consumed him out for the dish, and then there had been a couple of flakes of dark truffle. Ouyang Lan possessed specially chosen some for Zhou Wen to personal taste and instructed him that they were referred to as black truffles.
However, the platter of delicious chocolate that Gao Dawei brought out was totally different from the dark chocolate in Zhou Wen’s storage.
Ya’er and Sweetie each tasted it. It had been tasty. They concluded it in some chomps. Then, the two ones seemed to obtain an answer. They viewed each other well and converted their heads. With regards to their backside going through one another, they located a dining room table and published their advice around the papers.
Zhou Wen also was aware that it really was not really so easy. It was actually impossible for Gao Dawei to cause this sort of uncomplicated dilemma.
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Only then have Zhou Wen bear in mind the familiarized style was dark truffle. When, Ouyang Lan had consumed him out for a food, and also there were a couple of flakes of dark-colored truffle. Ouyang Lan possessed specially selected some for Zhou Wen to taste and shared with him that they were called dark colored truffles.
Zhou Wen noticed that sandwiched around the chocolate was whitened puffing that flowed out—it appeared to be soft ice cream.
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The one that became available was really a large gentleman who was almost as rotund for a ball. He wore a white-colored consistent as well as a whitened hat. At first glance, he appeared just like a chef, but upon more detailed review, there are some differences.
Zhou Wen scaled up the chocolate curiously. The pianist, counter, and piano created an incredible artwork. It was a pity to have it.
The sweets is in the form of the puppy, a gentleman playing a piano, plus a sweets that looked to create a coating of snow over it. They looked delightful.
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Zhou Wen also believed which it was not at all so easy. It was difficult for Gao Dawei to create this kind of uncomplicated problem.
Sniffing, Zhou Wen did actually identify a familiarized aroma. He carefully checked out the dim-tinted sweets and immediately created a finding.
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Zhou Wen wasn’t usually keen on treats. His sense of sweets was still those of dark squarish cafes.
Zhou Wen found that sandwiched within the sweets was white colored puffing that flowed out—it seemed to be soft serve ice cream.
Ya’er and Sweetie each tasted it. It was delectable. They done it in certain chomps. Then, the 2 main of which seemed to find an solution. They looked at one another and converted their heads. With the backs experiencing the other, they located a table and authored their replies in the papers.
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Only then managed Zhou Wen keep in mind the well known style was dark-colored truffle. As soon as, Ouyang Lan acquired taken him out to get a food, also there were a handful of flakes of dark truffle. Ouyang Lan had specially picked out some for Zhou Wen to preference and told him that they were referred to as dark-colored truffles.
“How should we remain competitive?” Ya’er inquired Gao Dawei.
Because of their earlier two ordeals, Ya’er and Sweetie got better antic.i.p.ation for the next chocolate bars. The time they obtained it, they couldn’t hold out to nibble it.
Ya’er and Sweetie’s gazes had been also pulled in because of the special-appearing chocolate bars. They searched keen to flavor it.
Gao Dawei acquired the shop a.s.sistant to take papers, pencil, along with a knife specially designed to reduce chocolate.
Section 1344: Gao Dawei
“This is our supervisor, Mr. Gao Dawei,” the store a.s.sistant unveiled.
“I’ve recently developed a very few different types of delicious chocolate. Attempt them alongside one another. Whoever can inform what ingredients I applied will acquire when they reckon correctly. When you do not, you will definitely be eradicated.” When Gao Dawei observed that Sweetie and Ya’er were definitely staring at him, he hurriedly revealed, “Don’t get worried. The flavor examination on this occasion is entirely free of charge. Whether or not you get or get rid of, you never need to pay a particular cent.”
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It absolutely was difficult to suppose that this sort of incredible chocolate bars was created with a rotund mankind like Gao Dawei.
Considering that Ya’er and Sweetie didn’t respond, Gao Dawei obtained no choice but to cough lightly to ease the awkwardness. He chosen another delicious chocolate and reported, “This chocolates is known as Nature’s Pianist. It’s my most recent technology. Test it.”
The one who became available was a significant gentleman who had been nearly as rotund like a baseball. He wore a bright standard in addition to a bright cap. At first glance, he searched just like a cook, but upon deeper check up, there are some distinctions.
Zhou Wen also was aware it was certainly not that straightforward. It was actually unattainable for Gao Dawei to create this kind of basic challenge.
“That’s similar to it. Imagine if each of us are ideal?” Ya’er required.
Even so, the dish of chocolate that Gao Dawei unveiled was not the same as the dark chocolate in Zhou Wen’s storage.
As he spoke, Gao Dawei joined your back place and shortly unveiled a dish of delicious chocolate.

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