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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 2134 – Meet Hong Yifeng stocking typical
Even Zhou Wenqun couldn’t assist frowning, but he didn’t dare to disrupt.
“May I recognize what organization package Mr. Hong wants to consult with me?” Gu Ning inquired.
Concurrently, Hong Yifeng got a system to kidnap Gu Ning and inquire her regarding the magical potential in Colaine medicinal drugs.
Experiencing Hong Yifeng coming, Jing Yunyao required the night-luminescent pearl that Gu Ning presented her and walked within the designed direction.
Hong Yifeng was actually a self-centered and conceited person, so he didn’t worry to display humility to mortals.
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Gu Ning was immediately amused by Hong Yifeng’s righteous and arrogant att.i.tude. He was the one who found it necessary to work with her, but his att.i.tude created her experience it absolutely was her who had to cooperate with him. He was obviously a really self-structured business owner.
“Sure, the place?” Gu Ning didn’t turn him down, given it was specifically what she sought.
In reality, right before they arrived here, Zhou Wenqun has been mentally well prepared, but he was still let down as he dealt with it now. After all, it absolutely was a really profitable company!
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At 2:30 pm, Hong Yifeng appeared. He delivered a 35-twelve months-old gentleman with him. This man wasn’t a cultivator, he was an average guy through an surroundings of your exclusive.
Discovering Hong Yifeng emerging, Jing Yunyao had the night-luminescent pearl that Gu Ning provided her and walked in the organized motion.
“How about within your business? What do you think, Miss out on Gu?” Hong Yifeng said.
At 2:30 pm, Hong Yifeng came. He taken a 35-twelve months-classic guy with him. This mankind wasn’t a cultivator, he was a typical particular person using an air flow of the high level.
Hong Yifeng made an effort to persuade Gu Ning to work with him, in spite of coercion and bribery, but Gu Ning was confirmed and switched him lower.
Hong Yifeng’s att.i.tude wasn’t accepted to make discounts sometimes. He annoyed many people, so no-one could be prepared to cooperate with him.
“Thank you Mr. Hong, for your agreement of Colaine, but right away, I have no wish to work with everyone. However some of Colaine medicinal drugs are usually in small give, it’ll be fixed in a very thirty day period. I’ve already established other factories, which are usually almost complete and may start creation soon. The Shengning Organization has enough funds, so there is no need to work in producing drugs. If I want cooperation, my own spouse and children will likely be my initially selection. All things considered, one shouldn’t make it possible for gains made by one’s possess work to collect to many others!” Gu Ning stated.
Hong Yifeng aimed to persuade Gu Ning to cooperate with him, despite having coercion and bribery, but Gu Ning was motivated and transformed him down.
All things considered, Hong Yifeng was angry that he immediately converted around and eventually left angrily.
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“Medicines.” Hong Yifeng mentioned, “I’m very optimistic about Ms. Gu’s Colaine Pharmaceutic Organization. I also know Colaine drugs have been in short deliver, so it’s better to work together with other corporations given the existing condition. While Lingzhitang Drug Business isn’t an enormous pharmaceutical firm, it is already some time-privileged model with a good status. We are a qualified spouse. Consequently, I really hope we could communicate to open a production manufacturer to ensure that Colaine drugs can meet the requirements of your marketplace.”
“Sure, where?” Gu Ning didn’t flip him straight down, because it was exactly what she wished for.
Zhou Wenqun’s att.i.tude was not the same as Hong Yifeng’s. Zhou Wenqun was very kind, also there was faint enjoyment on his sound, since he admired and respected Gu Ning.
Perhaps Hong Yifeng didn’t know this field obviously, but Zhou Wenqun recognized it perfectly. Right after Colaine has become preferred, there have been many sellers who planned to work by using it. Having said that, up to now, not one of them prevailed. The problem was they can didn’t meet up with Gu Ning’s demands, or Gu Ning didn’t prefer to work with any person by any means.
Right after Hong Yifeng left behind the Shengning Company, he suddenly noticed a touch of awesome strength not distant. It was subsequently very genuine, as though it got their start in value.
Because Jing Yunyao’s level was higher than Hong Yifeng’s, Jing Yunyao could feel Hong Yifeng’s surroundings of cultivators from miles away, but Hong Yifeng couldn’t feel her. He could only sense the enchanting strength on the evening-luminescent pearl.
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Without delay, Hong Yifeng required Zhou Wenqun to stop the car, he then obtained out of. He told Zhou Wenqun to return very first, and immediately gone in the course the awesome potential originated from.
Having said that, it had been challenging to say whether he would have the opportunity.
In fact, prior to they got here, Zhou Wenqun ended up being mentally well prepared, but he was still let down as he experienced it now. After all, it absolutely was quite a lucrative company!
“Sure, in which?” Gu Ning didn’t transform him downwards, because it was precisely what she desired.
The fact is, just before they arrived right here, Zhou Wenqun was mentally ready, but he was still frustrated when he confronted it now. All things considered, it was quite a successful company!
“How about in the organization? What is your opinion, Overlook Gu?” Hong Yifeng reported.
Following Hong Yifeng left the Shengning Business, he suddenly felt a little mystical ability not a long way away. It was subsequently very 100 % pure, almost like it originated from value.
Could be Hong Yifeng didn’t know this industry clearly, but Zhou Wenqun realized it effectively. Following Colaine turned out to be well-known, there were countless vendors who wanted to work using it. On the other hand, so far, none prevailed. The situation was which they didn’t match Gu Ning’s requirements, or Gu Ning didn’t decide to work with anybody in anyway.
Due to the fact Jing Yunyao’s levels was a lot higher than Hong Yifeng’s, Jing Yunyao could sense Hong Yifeng’s fresh air of cultivators from distant, but Hong Yifeng couldn’t good sense her. He could only sensation the marvelous ability of the nighttime-luminescent pearl.
Actually, prior to they originated listed here, Zhou Wenqun has been mentally equipped, but he was still let down as he presented it now. Of course, it had been a very successful small business!
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Thankfully, Hong Yifeng also was aware that they came up to discuss cooperation with Gu Ning, so he didn’t placed on airs facing Gu Ning. He welcomed Gu Ning politely. “Miss Gu, h.e.l.lo, my surname is Hong. I am Hong Yifeng.”
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Hearing that, Hong Yifeng was displeased. He experienced Gu Ning didn’t enjoy his sort supply.

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