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Dual Cultivation

NovelDual CultivationDual Cultivation
Chapter 693 Do You Still Want to Be My Woman? school house
“Su Yang! How’s my mother?” she required him.
“Lian Li has already been on this page? That makes things much easier,” she nodded.
“N-No… but the problem is a bit more complex than you think…” Emperor Lian mentioned. Though it has become some time because they spoke with each other, Feng Xindou’s overbearing atmosphere still frightens him often.
“Thanks, Su Yang… Truly, give thanks to you…” Lian Li nearly fell onto her knees from remedy.
“Anyways, exactly where is Su Yang? How about Lian Li? Is she still within the Sacred Sword Academy? I want her to return right here immediately.” Feng Xindou not anymore concerned with all the doctors and inquired Emperor Lian.
“M-Mother…?” Lian Li investigated her mom which has a dazed look after getting smacked so unexpectedly, wanting to know what she’d carried out bad to should have this type of slap.
“Thank you, Su Yang… Really, appreciate you…” Lian Li nearly decreased onto her knee joints from reduction.
Nevertheless, Feng Xindou narrowed her eye their way and spoke in a very frosty speech, “Are you presently doubting my savior’s skill? Probably none of you will have the right to doubt him if you couldn’t even carry out a d.a.m.n issue about my situation for years, whilst Su Yang had been able to help me to stroll in only three days! Embarrassment on each one of you!”
“Difficult? How so?” Feng Xindou frowned.
“N-No… however the circumstance is much more challenging than you think…” Emperor Lian explained. Though it has actually been several years since they spoke with one another, Feng Xindou’s overbearing aura still frightens him sometimes.
“Y-Your Majesty! Although you appear to be healthy, we do not know for sure no matter whether you will have fully retrieved, so allow us to look at yourself just in case.” The medical doctors there abruptly thought to her.
Section 693 Can You Still Would like to be My Woman?
However, ideal as Lian Li received near to Feng Xindou, a deafening and sharp slapping sound echoed within the room, producing everybody there to see all of them wide eye.
“I consider producing her Su Yang’s mate,” she resolved without doubt.
However, correct as Lian Li bought around Feng Xindou, a high in volume and highly detailed slapping noise echoed inside the room, leading to anyone there to view all of them with huge vision.
Feng Xindou’s jaw decreased, as performed Emperor Lian and everyone else within the room.
“Lian Li is definitely listed here? That makes things much easier,” she nodded.
“What…?” Lian Li looked at Feng Xindou along with her huge eyes full of jolt. She didn’t feel her new mother would make an effort to catch her on top of Su Yang behind her rear!
If she could cultivate with Su Yang for many several hours with virtually no pauses, she shouldn’t have any problems with just walking around.
Lian Li nodded and transformed to think about her daddy and mum and spoke, “I… I had already provided my human body to him…”
“Intricate? How so?” Feng Xindou frowned.
“Hm? Oh yeah, that’s right, we haven’t talked about it still. Do you desire to let them know, Lian Li?” Su Yang questioned her.
Chapter 693 Would You Still Wish to be My Girl?
In the mean time, during the guest space, where the Xie Family and Lian Li ended up harvested, Lian Li quickly went nearly Su Yang immediately after discovering him come back.
“Wanting to assist me out?” Lian Li lifted her eye-brows.
“Looking to help me to out?” Lian Li raised her eyebrows.
“Hm? Oh, that’s proper, we haven’t outlined it however. Want to inform them, Lian Li?” Su Yang required her.
At the same time, from the guests space, the place that the Xie Household and Lian Li have been compiled, Lian Li quickly happened to run close to Su Yang after viewing him profit.
Lian Li nodded and converted to check out her father and mom and spoke, “I… I have already given my body system to him…”
“That unnecessary son and therefore stupid daughter of mine! How could they are doing such things to Su Yang?! Thankfully for the children, Su Yang is actually a compa.s.sionate gentleman, if not I would personally certainly be decaying away within that bed furniture at this time!” Feng Xindou shouted at Emperor Lian as if it was his error because of not instruction their kids effectively.
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“In any case, exactly where is Su Yang? How about Lian Li? Is she still in the Holy Sword Academy? I want her to return here at the earliest opportunity.” Feng Xindou not anymore stressed with all the medical practitioners and inquired Emperor Lian.
“Y-Your Majesty! Although you sound healthy and balanced, we do not know without a doubt whether you might have fully restored, so permit us to investigate yourself in case.” The medical practitioners there unexpectedly believed to her.
“I will personally deal with our son afterwards. Provide me to your child now!” she explained in the strong speech.

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